Often times over the many years of my being involved in Media Ministry in different aspects I have been asked “Why Must Churches Embrace Technology?” Let me first say that to answer this question we first need to ask a question, that being ‘Would Jesus have used technology if it had been available  to him?’

Personally I feel that Jesus would have used technology if it had been available to him. See I feel this way because Jesus did a lot of story telling. We in Media Ministry are good, or at lest we should be good at story telling. How you might ask: For example we in Media Ministry use images to enhance a pastor or ministry leaders message. We also do this with the backgrounds we use during worship when song words are displayed, often times helping to enhance the mood of worship.

But let’s look at the bigger picture, one that makes us realize the now days almost everyone has a TV, SmartPhone, and more times then not a person has a computer or access to one. So with that being said technology is around us all the time. So why would we want to push it out of the church. Yeah, I know some of you older then me might be like while because parts of technology can be evil. Ok then, but remember we are talking about churches embracing technology, thus we must realize that we never want technology to take away from the message. We always want it to enhance the message!

So you still might be going ok I get that technology is always around us. I get that people have smartphones, and other technology they may use daily but can a church or ministry function with out technology? Let me answer that question this way, I am sure the church or ministry can for a limited amount of time. The reason I say that is because times have changed. While the message of Jesus had remained the same I am sure Jesus himself would remind us to use all the methods possible to get the message out to the ends of the Earth, for in fact he did tell us to go make disciples of all nations.

So if we are to make disciples of all nations why then would we not want to embrace technology, keeping in mind we must never alter the message just enhance it and find ways to share it to people that have never heard it before? Why, then wouldn’t we want to find images we could project that would help in doing so?

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