Recently I was talking about the movie Passion of Christ with a fellow friend in ministry. This discussion lead to if a church or ministry should show the movie in a church or ministry setting. 

Let me first say that we must understand yes that the movie is graphic in nature. However we must also realize that what happened to Jesus was also graphic. 

Ok, back to if a church or ministry should show the movie in a church or ministry setting. Perhaps we need to go back to the fact the movie is graphic and thus put out a disclaimer saying so. 

So we put the disclaimer out, but we have people on our ministry team now question if we should show the movie. 

Let me say that we must not downplay any concerns that any on our team or in leadership of said church or ministry have. But let’s get back to if the movie should be shown in a church or ministry setting.

So your team realizes that the move might be helpful to someone who currently does not have a relationship with Jesus. But now your team is thinking that some age groups might not need to see the movie. 

While, your team would not be the only one to have concerns over what age to show the movie to I would not let stop you from showing the movie altogether. What it should do is allow for discussion of how to put disclaimers about the violence and graphic nature of the movie. 

So you have the disclaimers out and your asking should the movie be shown. While I can’t tell you to show or not to show I will say that my personal recommendation would be for anyone under the age of eighteen to be required to have a signed permission to view the movie at a church or ministry function. 

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